Marietta, Ohio on the Fourth of July

Marietta, Ohio on the Fourth of July

After a long career in sales and marketing with Broughton Foods Company, George Broughton formed GWB Specialty Foods to bring premium quality dairy products made by family-owned Ohio dairies to his native Southeastern Ohio.

Major brands distributed by GWB Specialty Foods include Ruggles, Smith’s Dairy, and Velvet Ice Cream. Members of the Broughton family have maintained friendships and business relationships with owners and manager of these companies for decades.

Also known as GWB Sales, the company serves retailers of all sizes with ice cream, ice cream novelties and seasonal items like frozen candy bars.

The Broughton family has long been active supporters of local family-oriented activities, business and development, philanthropy, education, and many projects designed to enhance the quality of life for all in the Marietta – Washington County area.

Affiliated companies and organizations include Broughton Commercial Properties, Broughton Nature and Wildlife Education Area and The Broughton Foundation.